ESSC League Policies

Indoor Volleyball Rule Book

Last Updated: October 29, 2020

Division Specific Rules

Intermediate Division

  • One server may serve the ball only 5 times consecutively. If the team retains service after 5 points scored by the same server, the team must rotate to a new server but will retain the serve.
  • Spiking is allowed in the Intermediate division but players must remember that they are only one level up from Rec. This means that all teams should expect some of the players in Intermediate to be inexperienced/Rec level players. If a player has the skill level that allows them to spike the ball hard, they should abide by the following guidelines:
    • Respect the other team and keep it fun for them.
    • The player must be able to control where you are spiking the ball.
    • Use discretion: in where the ball is spiked, in whose direction and with what force.
    • The ball should never be spiked in an unsafe manner.
    • Jump serving is not allowed.
  • An Intermediate level player in the back row cannot jump to spike the ball.
  • Liberos are not allowed.
  • If teams are finding their opponent is playing in a reckless or dangerous manner, the captain should address the opposing captain to come up with a resolution.