The ESSC hosts thousands of teams each year, many of which periodically rely on subs to fill their rosters. Players who want to try out a new sport or get in the action without committing to a full season are encouraged to get on the subs lists for as many sports and nights as they choose. Becoming a sub is easy and best of all, it's free! There is no limit to how many leagues you can sub for. The subs lists are valuable resources for teams who need to recruit extra players throughout the season.

Who can Sub?

In order to ensure teams always have enough players to play a meaningful game, the ESSC has adopted a very lenient sub policy. The only expectations related to being a sub are:

  • All subs must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Subs must be part of the ESSC sub list or invited onto a team. See the 'Becoming a Sub' section below.
  • Subs must abide by all ESSC policies (e.g. Sportsmanship Policy, Facility Policy, etc).

Becoming a Sub

Becoming a sub is easy, fast and free! All subs need to sign-up prior to playing, this can be done in one of two ways:

  1. ESSC Sub List:
    • A player can sign up to be on the ESSC sub list and receive sub requests from teams throughout the season. The steps to registering to become a sub are:
      • The player should create a free 'MyESSC' account on the website by clicking HERE.
      • Once logged into their account, under 'MyESSC', they should select 'Become a Sub' on the right side of the page.
      • They then choose the sport(s), day(s) and division(s) that they are interested in.
    • Once registered, subs will be contacted via email by teams that require players. It is up to the sub to decide if they want to accept or decline each sub request.
    • There is no guarantee that every sub will get contacted to play. Subs are encouraged to sign up for as many sports/nights/divisions as possible in order to increase their odds of getting asked to play.
  2. Team Invites:
    • If there is only one team that a player wants to sub for, the captain of that team should invite that sub to their team via the Roster link in MyESSC. Once added to the team's roster, the sub will be able to participate.

Click Here for a video on Registering as a Sub.

Requesting a Sub

The 'Request a Sub' function is live 2 days prior to your first game, and is available throughout the entire season.

Recruiting a sub can be done in one of two ways:

  1. ESSC Subs Lists: The subs lists consists of players who have voluntarily signed up each season to receive sub requests. Note: The ESSC cannot guarantee that there will always be subs available upon request. To take advantage of the subs lists, a captain or player should use the sub request function in MyESSC.Click Here to request a Sub.
  2. Team Invites: Teams can bring out players that are not on the ESSC sub lists (e.g. friends, family, co-workers, etc). The ESSC does require that all 'Team Invite' subs are added to the teams roster. This process will only take a minute to complete and will ensure that all subs sign the mandatory waiver. To take advantage of this function, a captain should follow the steps outlined below:
    • Login to their MyESSC account.
    • Select 'Roster' for the team that needs the sub.
    • Send the sub an invite via 'Invite Player Now'.
    • Ensure the player confirms their invite
  3. Individuals Teams: In order to add a sub to an Individual’s team roster, someone from the team should email the ESSC with the sub’s full name and email address. All subs need to register to ensure they have signed the mandatory waiver.

Click Here for a video on Requesting a Sub.

Sub Policies

General Policy

  • ESSC players are responsible for managing their roster. When selecting subs, the following criteria must be met:
    • Captains are required to ensure that the sub is ready to play by knowing the rules, being prepared to play at the proper level and has signed up as a free ESSC member.
    • Subs should be of comparable skill to the player that they are replacing. Bringing out ringers could result in follow-up action or the overturning of a game result.
    • In cases where there are multiple ESSC games occurring in a row at a facility, a team can borrow players from the previous game only to increase their roster to the required number of players on the court/field.

Playoff Policy

  • Teams that have qualified for a shot at the championship can only bring in subs who have played at least one regular season game with them.
  • All teams who are not playing for the championship can bring in subs who have not played a regular season game with them.