Running Routes in Flag Football

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Customer Service and Admin Specialist

Are you new to Football or wanting to add some fresh strategy in to your game? One of the foundational strategies in Flag Football comes down to running routes.

A route is a path that a receiver runs in order to get open for a forward pass.

Instead of everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off, why not try to coordinate in the huddle which route the receivers should run?

Check out this route map below:

While #9 can often be the default, keep your opponents guessing by switching things up with a #5 (aka the button hook) now and then!

Be careful not to give away your plan with your eyes and shoulders. Those sneaky defenders will see right through you if your shoulders are squared in the direction you plan to run or your eyes are locked on your end target. Do your best to keep your eyes on the defenders or simply straight ahead.

Don’t expect to be Odell Beckham Jr. overnight, but with a little practice your team could slowly climb the standings of your ESSC league and potentially win the coveted ESSC League Champ Shirts.

Remember, sportsmanship first though people…:)