Games Coordinators are essential to ESSC leagues and play a huge role in ensuring that all players enjoy themselves each and every night. The ESSC GC Team is continuously growing and although there are many excellent members out at the games, each season the Club recognizes a select few with the GC of the Season Award.


Each winner is nominated through player submissions, ESSC Staff recommendations, and/or based off the Field Staff Manager and GC Head Trainer evaluations. The goal is to award those that display a positive and friendly attitude, while at the same time getting involved with the games and providing players with the best experience possible.

Fall 2019

Games Coordinator Bio
Christian Tremblay
Sport: Ball Hockey
Rookie Season:  Spring 2017

I have been playing for the ESSC since around 2006, but steady since 2010. I first started on Individuals teams, and besides a summer season playing slow pitch, I've only played floor hockey. I've been with my current team, the Goal Diggers since 2012 and we won two championships since... so it's true that winning comes second! Safety and fun come first! I decided to join the Game Coordinators' Team in the Spring of 2017 and this was my 11th season. I've learned a lot as a GC and as I player I now appreciate the work of GCs a lot more! Great job all of you GCs out there and like Rick Green says: "keep your stick on the ice!"

Games Coordinator Bio

Ayo Oladapo

Sport: Soccer/Basketball
Rookie Season: 

Gcing Basketball & Soccer with Edmonton Sport and Social Club (ESSC) is a delight and doing it over 5 years is like getting paid to do a hobby I really enjoy doing. When people asked me to describe myself, I usually start by saying I am sporty. I love playing and watching all kind of sports especially Basketball & Soccer.

It was no brainer applying for the GC position with ESSC, working with them has been a blast and a great experience.  I am always looking forward to every upcoming season.

My Girlfriend asked me the other day why do I like playing and GCing with ESCC, I gave her the following reasons:

-Meeting with new people and building friendships with strangers

-Having fun while at work

-Working with a great ESSC team (Office staffs & other GCs)


Games Coordinator  

Ryan Aguillon

Sport: Dodgeball
Rookie Season: 

I started with ESSC in January of 2014. I mainly GC Dodgeball, but I occasionally do other sports. I have played many seasons of Dodgeball, and my experience and knowledge helps me to facilitate newer players in understanding the rules. It's always great to see familiar faces every week, and have met many friends through the ESSC. I love all sports, and play volleyball twice a week with the club, though my main passion is tennis. I look forward to many more seasons with the league!

Games Coordinator Bio

Kassie Bennett

Sport: Multi Sport
Rookie Season: 

I started GCing fall of 2018 and just completed my third season! I GC a mix of multi-sport, basketball, soccer, and wiffleball. I’ve grown up playing almost every sport you can imagine but made softball and hockey my priorities. Sports have been a huge part of my life, which helped me decide to study kinesiology which I will be graduating with a degree in at the end of December 2019. The ESSC gave me the chance to incorporate my love for sports and meeting new people in such a fun and friendly environment. I’ve loved getting to be involved in all different kinds of sports but mostly I’ve loved getting to meet and build relationships with different teams and players each season! 

Summer 2020

Games Coordinator Bio

James Holloway

Sport: Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Multisport
Rookie Season: 2019

  What started in Winter 2019 as GC'ing some basketball expanded to much more that I ever expected. I had the chance to meet so many people through Ball Hockey, Multi-sport, Soccer, Dodgeball and Basketball had GC'ed, and build some good relationships with seeing the same group of people every week.

No matter how tough it gets on the field or court, I can always go home and feel good about being a part of keeping people active and socially active. Especially during the last few months where opportunities like ESSC are so important for people.

I was able to use my experience of teaching and coaching and apply it as a GC. Making sure I was approachable, consistent and fair. And by being honest and asking questions, building a strong framework to improve every time I get out there.

Though I have had to move on to doing other things, I would go back immediately if I ever had the chance at ESSC. Keep it FUN, keep it SOCIAL!

Games Coordinator Bio

Jenn Huls

Sport: Multi Sport
Rookie Season: 2018 

I have been a GC and EC for the ESSC since January 2019 and you can usually catch me GCing dodgeball and multi sport and ECing beach volleyball.

I decided to become a GC because I love sports and wanted to help pass on my love and knowledge of sports on to others. I have been playing volleyball since 2008 and occasionally play a variety of other activities such as tennis, golf, and hiking. I just love being outdoors. I have played in many volleyball tournaments (both beach and indoor) over the years and will be playing in my first ESSC league in November. What I enjoy about the job is being able to meet new people, educate them on the sport they are playing, watch individual people or teams grow over the course of a season, and occasionally being able to play with some teams for fun games (pre COVID-19). All that being said this is one of the best jobs I’ve had and I love being apart of the ESSC team!