Tennis Court Locations and Times

  • Outdoor games will start at the following times:
    • 7:00pm (early rotation)
    • 8:30pm (late rotation)
      • Dependent on registration numbers, the ESSC will use the courts for two sets of games in a row (double rotations) on a given night. It is important for teams to respect this fact and to start and end games on time when part of the early rotation, as to not affect game length for the teams in the late rotation. If teams end games early and there is still time left before the next rotation, they are free to continue to play for fun on the courts.
  • Tennis Court Locations:

Tennis Court Policies

The ESSC rents all Tennis Courts from the City of Edmonton. These public courts are available for drop-in use on a first-come first-served basis, although permit holders do have priority. It is very likely on warm weather days that drop-in users are on the courts, so please do not be confrontational and respect all other users. The Event Coordinator (EC) will have the appropriate permit on hand each week in order to gain access to the courts at the appropriate time.

As tenants, players must respect the standards and rules of each facility:

  • Alcohol consumption and smoking is prohibited on or around the tennis courts, or in the parking lots.
  • Public urination is illegal and players are expected to use the nearest washroom facility if needed.
  • All public by-laws apply when using the tennis courts; including, excessive noise or music, offensive language, littering, etc.
  • Be respectful to homeowners, community residents or anyone else who is sharing the courts or surrounding area.
  • Players are responsible for property damage they cause including surrounding houses, cars or property.

Any player who causes the ESSC to receive a complaint regarding a facility rented by the ESSC will receive a $100 fine and may be ejected from the League. 


Equipment Racquet Tennis
Provided by the ESSC Yes** Yes
Required of Players Recommended No

**The Event Coordinator (EC) only brings 2-3 racquets to the facility, players are encouraged to bring their own.