Team of the Week

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The ESSC Team of the Week program is all about recognizing teams that are dedicated to positive sportsmanship and playing with a fun-first mentality.

How it works: Each week throughout the season the ESSC will recognize one team for their positive attitude and great sporting behavior. To be eligible, teams must first be nominated for the Lady Bing Award in a given season. All nominated teams will then have a chance to submit a photo and a short biography in order to be eligible for a Team of the Week Prize.

Prize: Each Team of the Week winner will receive a $100 gift card to The Canadian Brewhouse and will be recognized on social media.

You can help us recognize great sportsmanship by nominating a team for the Lady Bing Award. Click here to nominate a team!

Team Bio
Muscle Tribe of Danger and Excellence
Captain: Brandyn Martens

Night/Div/Sport: Thursday Intermediate 6's Beach Volleyball
Seasons in the ESSC: 9
Nominated by: Jessica Sime - Empire Spikes Back

History: Origin of the team name: 2 people somehow submitted this individually at separate times without consulting each other. I'm sure it's from something in their past but still, it was fate :). Muscle Tribe's favorite aspect of volleyball is that it has excellent team collaboration and you can enjoy each other's company without being too caught up in getting overly competitive. We're glad the ESSC provides an opportunity to learn a sport at a later time in life (ie. recreation divs are a great atmosphere for learning).






Team Bio
Bunt Bunt Pass
Captain: Brady Horejsi

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational Plus North Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the ESSC: 1
Nominated by: Dale Law - Lovers of Balls

History: Bunt Bunt Pass had the following to say about their Summer season with the ESSC "6 games, 6 losses A broken pinky, bruised jaw, busted shins, and countless beers - but we're still standing strong and we'll continue to Bunt bunt pass."






Team Bio
Kind of a Big Dill
Captain: Lisa Glover

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Recreational Open Pickleball
Seasons in the ESSC: 3
Nominated by: Rebecca Mercier - Bread and Butta

History: Our name was just the first pickle joke Lisa could think of. We first signed up because we're getting married in September and thought we should get a little pre-wedding exercise. Pickleball was a sport neither of us had played before, so we thought it would be fun to learn together - and it's been so exciting to see how much we've improved since our first game! It's been a lot of fun getting to know new teams and seeing some familiar faces season to season.






Team Bio
Behind the 8-ball
Captain: Frank van Rooijen

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Recreational B 7v7 Outdoor Soccer
Seasons in the ESSC: 19
Nominated by: Celia Hui - Goal Getters

History: We started in the spring of 2013 as a singles team. Since then we played in every indoor and outdoor season and won the league championship 3 times. From the roster which we started out with as the singles team, we currently still have 8 players on our current roster. We've met a lot of great people because of playing. And I'm pretty sure the sponsor bars are happy having our team in the league as well... :)






Team Bio
Hit It and Quit It
Captain: Kyle Smith

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational North Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the ESSC: 1
Nominated by: Brooke Sampert - Scared Hitless

History: Origin of our Team Name - Our team has a bit of an issue with "commitment". Our favorite aspect of Slo-Pitch is finding that perfect groove between being competitive but still fun. I think that we are in a league that lets us do that and it keeps the game really entertaining!






Team Bio
Turnt Up Turnips
Captain: Brandon Weiss

Night/Div/Sport: Sunday Recreational Plus 7v7 GC'd Outdoor Soccer
Seasons in the ESSC: 3
Nominated by: GC - Olusean Adekunle

History: The Turnt Up Turnips have been playing soccer together since Outdoor of 2016. We’ve been with ESSC since this past indoor season. We’re just a big group of friends who like kicking a ball around and like to drink the occasional beer here and there. Our team name was suggested as a joke and somehow it just stuck. Go Turnips!




Team Bio
We've Got the Runs 2.0
Captain: Kate Leeb

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational Kickball
Seasons in the ESSC: 6
Nominated by: Amanda Hodgson - Kick in a Box

History: We've Got the Runs (2.0) started as an excuse for a group of friends, all in the busy adulting stage of life, to commit to hanging out once a week for at least 4 months out of the year. There have been some great seasons and some not so great seasons over the past 3 years that we've been playing, but even in the hard times, we've always come back to kickball - mostly because we're not athletic enough to do any better at any other sport. That's ok though, because we've always played with an attitude of 'fun first' anyway! And hopefully we'll have a few more fun-filled seasons ahead of us, especially since some of us have started building our farm team. Over the past year, we've welcomed 4 junior players who should be ready for the big leagues in about 17-18 years. Who's got the runs?? We've Got the Runs (2.0)!!!




Team Bio
Balls Intact
Captain: Tara Meidl

Night/Div/Sport: Tuesday Recreational East Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the ESSC: 4
Nominated by: Jessica Bercha - Backdoor Sliders

History: Balls Intact was established last year, but we've played both spring and summer seasons for the past two years. A few of us have played with the ESSC on other teams, and other sports, but a majority of our team was brand new to Slo-Pitch last year when we started. We went all 16 weeks last year without winning a single game :( . However, each week our team showed up excited, and ready to take on our opponents; and even when there wasn't a glimpse of a victory in sight, we didn't let it get us down. Our team truly embodies the ESSC's values of coming out with a fun first attitude! We can all agree that our favourite part of playing Slo-Pitch is getting out in the nice weather, getting some exercise and just having a reason to hang out with each other.




Team Bio
Base-Ic Pitches
Captain: Jill Galipeau

Night/Div/Sport: Monday Recreational Slo-Pitch
Seasons in the ESSC: 1
Nominated by: Christina Harbak - Mad Batters

History: The Base-Ic Pitches have been kicking it with ESSC for just one season but we’re hooked! We’ve learned a few things this season:
1) You don’t have to know the game to passionately yell advice to your teammates from the bench.
2) It builds solidarity to share one communal team bat.
3)There’s no foul ball or fumble that can’t be made better by a steaming plate of post-game nachos.
Can’t wait to continue slo pitching it with you all!




Team Bio
Captain: Sydney Killoh

Night/Div/Sport: Wednesday Recreational Kickball
Seasons in the ESSC: 1
Nominated by: Amber Dutchek - Ballz Deep

History: M2B.  Mothers to be?  Nope, actually Millenials to Boomers.  We have 6 old people (boomers) on the team and the rest are offspring of the boomers and a few of their friends, all of them being millenials.  With the exception of a couple of the millennials, this is everybody’s first season in the kickball league of the ESSC.  Unfortunately, the sport has turned out to be a little more physical than expected, with the boomers dropping like flies and laid up with injuries ranging from torn muscles to bad backs!  But, everyone keeps turning out for the games with the now non-players filling scorekeeper, base coach and/or catcher roles.  And, most importantly, despite the mounting losses (!) we are having fun!  Our favorite part is laughing and not getting injured! Bring on the 2018 season!