New! GC Rating System

Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Field Staff Manager

Rate your GC! GCs are an essential part of the Sport and Social Club. They assist in providing a great environment for you to enjoy your sporting needs. Here at the SSC world headquarters we have developed a way to help involve our players in sport improvements through the new GC rating system. A lot of you have already been submitting ratings after games and we thank you for that!

We appreciate all the feedback we receive, and use it to help create a stronger program for YOU, the player. These ratings help the SSC identify which areas the GCs need to improve on and also allows us to recognize the GCs for a job well done.

When submitting your ratings, we ask you to please be truthful and add comments where necessary - the more information the better!

Below are the 5 steps required to submit a rating on your GC:

Step 1: Play your game with a fun first mentality and have fun!

Step 2: Congratulate your opponent and the GC concluding the match-up.

Step 3: Once scores are live on the website; the team captain will receive an email asking for a rating of your GC. This can also be done via your MySSC account.

Step 4: Answer the 4 questions about your GC.

Step 5: Sit back and do it all over again following your next game!

As a thank you for submitting ratings, there will be monthly draws for sponsor bar gift cards.

If you are curious about the GC rating program, please contact the office. We would love to help. Best of luck to all of our SSC players the rest of the season!