Spring 2020 Rule Changes

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Customer Service and Admin Specialist

You asked, we listened. Until recently, the ESSC rulebook included several modifications from the standard FIBA rules. While this served us well for many years, we felt it was time to make the switch to the game of Basketball we all grew up watching! Coming soon, in Spring 2020.

Let’s review the new and improved gameplay rules for our Recreational and Recreational Plus leagues. 

3-Point Shots 
ALL: Traditional rules

A shot made from behind the 3-point line will count for 3 points. Remember if your foot is on the line, the shot only counts for 2.  

Foul Shots/Free Throws
ALL: Traditional rules 

If you are fouled in the act of shooting and the ball goes in, both teams line up for 1 free throw worth 1 point. 

If you are fouled in the act of shooting and you miss the shot, both teams line up for 2 or 3 free throws (depending where the shot was taken) worth 1 point each. 

The last free throw is live if the shot is missed, or inbounded by the defending team if the shot is made. 

ALL: Full court press is allowed so long as the score is within 10pts. Once the winning team reaches a 10-point lead, they must shift to half-court. During this time, the losing team may still implement a full court press.

Inbounding the Ball
ALL: Traditional rules

The ball can be inbounded on either the sideline or the baseline, choosing a spot closest to where the ball went out of bounds or where a non-shooting foul occurred.

Remember: unless a basket is scored, the ball must still be checked with the defensive team before inbounding. 

Foul Count
Rec/Rec Plus: No team foul count is kept. 
Premium: The GC will keep track of team fouls. Once a team reaches 7 fouls in a half, every additional foul will result in 2 free throws for the opposing team. 

There are no individual foul counts kept in any leagues, but please remember the GC may remove a player from the game if they are displaying aggressive or unsportsmanlike behavior.